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Computer Viruses

Different Viruses Everybody MUST Know About

Did You Know?

In 2010, the Stuxnet virus focused on Siemens Industrial Software program and Gear. There are allegations that this virus is part of the U.S. and Israeli intelligence operation named “Operation Olympic Video games,” and it hit Iran’s nuclear plant Natanz.

A laptop virus is a dangerous software program written deliberately to enter a pc without the consumer’s permission or information. It has the flexibility to duplicate itself, thus persevering with to unfold. Some viruses do little, however, replicate, whereas others may cause extreme hurt or adversely have an effect on this system and efficiency of the system. A virus ought to by no means be assumed innocent and left on a system.

There are several types of viruses that might be labelled in keeping with their origin, methods, forms of records data they infect, disguise, and trigger, the kind of working system, or platform they assault. Allow us to take a look at a few of them.

Reminiscence Resident Virus

These viruses repair themselves within the pc reminiscence and get activated at any time when the OS runs and infects all of the records data, which can be then opened.

Hideout: This sort of virus hides within the RAM and stays there even after the malicious code is executed. It will get management over the system reminiscence and allocates blocks by which it runs its code, and executes the code when any perform is executed.

Goal: It will possibly corrupt records data and packages which can be opened, closed, copied, renamed, and so forth.

Examples: Randex, CMJ, Meve, and MrKlunky

Safety: Set up an antivirus program.

Direct Motion Virus

The primary goal of this virus is to duplicate and take motion when it’s executed. When a particular situation is met, the virus will go into action and infect records data within the listing or folder, which can be specified within the AUTOEXEC.BAT file path. This batch file is all the time situated within the root Listing of the onerous disk and carries out sure operations when the pc is booted.

FindFirst/FindNext approach is used the place the code selects a couple of records data as its victims. It additionally infects the exterior units by copying itself on them.

Hideout: They preserve altering their location into new records data at any time when the code is executed; however, they are typically discovered within the onerous disk’s root listing.

Goal: It’s a file-infector virus.

Examples: Vienna virus

Overwrite Viruses

A virus of this sort is characterized by the truth that it deletes the data contained within the records data that it infects, rendering them partially or wholly ineffective as soon as they’ve been contaminated.

Hideout: The virus replaces the file content material. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the file measurement.

Examples: Approach, Trj.Reboot, Trivial.88.D

Safety: The one approach to clear a file contaminated by an overwriting virus is to delete the file utterly, thus shedding the unique content material.

Nonetheless, it is vitally straightforward to detect one of these viruses, as the unique program turns into ineffective.

Boot Sector Virus

This sort of virus impacts the boot sector of a tough disk. It is an essential part of the drive, during which data of the disk itself is saved together with a program that makes it attainable as well (begin) the pc from the disk. This sort of virus can be referred to as Grasp Boot Sector Virus or Grasp Boot File Virus.

Hideout: It hides within the reminiscence till DOS accesses the floppy disk, and whichever boot knowledge is accessed, the virus infects it.

Examples: Polyboot.B, AntiEXE

Safety: The most straightforward way of avoiding boot sector viruses is to make sure that floppy disks are write-protected. Additionally, by no means begin your pc with an unknown floppy disk within the disk drive.

Macro Virus

Macro viruses infect records data that can be created utilizing sure purposes or packages that include macros, like .doc, .xls, .pps, and so forth. These mini-programs make it attainable to automate a sequence of operations so that they’re carried out as a single motion, thereby saving the consumer from having to hold them out one after the other. These viruses routinely infect the file that incorporates macros and likewise infects the templates and paperwork that the file includes. It is known as a sort of e-mail virus.

Hideout: These disguise in paperwork which can be shared by way of e-mail or networks.

Examples: Calm down, Melissa.A, Bablas, O97M/Y2K

Safety: The very best safety approach is to keep away from opening e-mails from unknown senders. Additionally, disabling macros can assist in guarding your helpful knowledge.

Listing Virus

Listing viruses (additionally referred to as Cluster Virus/File System Virus) infect the listing of your pc by altering the trail that signifies the placement of a file. While you execute a program file with an extension.EXE or .COM that has been contaminated by a virus, you’re unknowingly operating the virus program, whereas the virus beforehand moves the single file and application. As soon as contaminated, it turns into inconceivable to find the unique records data.

Hideout: It’s often situated in just one location of the disk; however, it infects the complete program within the listing.

Examples: Dir-2 virus

Safety: All you can do is, reinstall all of the records data from the backup, which can be contaminated after formatting the disk.

Polymorphic Virus

Polymorphic viruses encrypt or encode themselves otherwise (utilizing completely different algorithms and encryption keys) each time they infect a system. That makes it inconceivable for an antivirus software program to search out them using string or signature searches (as a result of they’re entirely different in every encryption). The virus then goes on to create numerous copies.

Examples: Elkern, Marburg, Devil Bug, and Tuareg

Safety: Set up a high-end antivirus as the traditional ones are incapable of detecting one of these viruses.

Companion Virus

Companion viruses might be thought-about as a sort of file infector virus, like a resident or direct motion sort. They’re often known as companion viruses as a result of as soon as they get into the system they ‘accompany’ the opposite records data that exist already. In different phrases, to hold out their infection routines, companion viruses can wait in reminiscence till a program is run (resident virus), or act instantly by making copies of themselves (direct motion virus).

Hideout: These typically use identical filename and create a distinct extension of it. For instance: If there’s a file “Me.exe,” the virus creates one other file named “” and hides within the new file. When the system calls the filename “Me,” the “.com” file will get executed (as “.com” has increased precedence than “.exe”), thus infecting the system.

Examples: Stator, Asimov.1539 and Terrax.1069

Safety: Set up an antivirus scanner and likewise obtain Firewall.

FAT Virus

The file allocation desk (FAT) is a part of a disk used to retailer all of the details about the placement of records data, out there house, unusable house, and so forth.

Hideout: FAT virus assaults the FAT part and will injury essential data. It may be particularly harmful because it prevents entry to specific sections of the disk the place necessary records data are saved. The injury brought on can lead to a lack of data from a particular person’s records data and even whole directories.

Examples: Hyperlink Virus

Safety: Earlier than the virus assaults all of the records data on the pc, find all of the records data which can be wanted on the onerous drive, after which delete those that aren’t wanted. They might be recording data created by viruses.

Multipartite Virus

These viruses unfold in several methods of attainable. Motion relies upon the working system put in and the presence of sure records data.

Hideout: Within the preliminary section, these viruses tend to cover within the reminiscence because the resident viruses do; then, they infect the exhausting disk.

Examples: Invader, Flip, and Tequila

Safety: It’s essential to clear the boot sector and likewise the disk to eliminate the virus, after which reload all the info in it. Nonetheless, make sure that the info is precise.

Internet Scripting Virus

Many net pages embrace advanced codes intending to create fascinating and interactive content material. This code is commonly exploited to result in specific undesirable actions.

Hideout: The primary sources of net scripting viruses are online browsers or contaminated net pages.

Examples: JS.Fortnight

Safety: Set up the Microsoft device software that could be a default characteristic in Windows 2000, 7, 8, 10 and Vista. Scan the pc with this software.


A worm is a program similar to a virus; it has the flexibility to self-replicate and might result in unfavourable results in your system. However, they are often detected and eradicated by an antivirus software program.

Hideout: These typically unfold by e-mails and networks. They do not infect records data or injure them; however, they replicate so quick that the entire community might collapse.

Examples: PSWBugbear.B, Lovgate.F, Trile.C, Sobig.D, Mapson

Safety: Set up an up to date model of antivirus.


Trojans or Trojan horses, not like viruses, don’t reproduce by infecting different records data, nor do they self-replicate like worms. It’s a program that disguises itself as a helpful program or software.

 Watch out for the truth that these viruses copy records data in your pc (when their provider program is executed) that may injury your knowledge, and even delete it. The attacker may program the Trojans in such a way that the data in your pc is accessible to them.

Logic Bombs

They don’t seem to be thought-about viruses as a result of they don’t replicate. They don’t seem to be even packages in their very own proper, however reasonably camouflaged segments of different packages. They’re solely executed when a particular predefined situation is met. Their goal is to destroy knowledge on the pc as soon as certain circumstances have been met. Logic bombs go undetected till launched, the outcomes might be damaging, and your whole experience might be deleted!

Viruses Affecting Palm OS

The preliminary launch of Palm OS in 1996, after which the secure launch in 2007, made a method for attackers to jot down new malicious codes. The viruses recognized until a date that affects one of these OS are:

“Liberty” Crack: It’s a Computer virus that deletes all of your records data and purposes out of your PDA.

PEMagic: It allegedly deletes the ROM.

Phage: It deletes your records data.

Vapor: It deletes your records data.

With all mentioned and performed, there isn’t any actual menace to your PDAs just about virus assaults.

Viruses Affecting Symbian OS

Symbian OS additionally has no confirmed virus threats. The one virus that’s mentioned to affect the smartphones is the Cabir virus. Nonetheless, this virus runs within the background and drains the battery energy. The truth that these viruses unfold by way of Bluetooth has additionally confirmed to be a fable.

Besides, numerous different pc viruses have possible to contaminate your digital knowledge. Therefore, it’s a should that you defend your expertise by putting in a real high-quality antivirus software program.

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